• Director: Scot Armstrong
  • Writer:
  • Producer: Scot Armstrong, Paul Brooks, Neal H. Moritz, Ravi Nandan
  • Cast: Alison Brie, T.J. Miller, Krysten Ritter
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24 hours ago, Nardo was standing at the altar next to the love of his life. Now he's shivering in just a pair of gold leggings in the Mexican desert, and the only men who can save him are his best friends. The comedy follows a rescue by the guys you call when you've run out of all other options.




"Search Party, in the right mood and head-space, works, tremendously well. It's nasty and icky and vile and vulgar and hysterical, the last half hour is especially sublime stuff. Well worth hunting for. That's a search-based wordplay half-joke, if you couldn't tell, because it wasn't particularly well written. Thankfully, mind, the film is."
"This movie is a great vehicle for a new generation of American comedy actors. Led by Thomas Middleditch (as Nardo) and T. J. Miller (as Jason), the duo from the nerd comedy Silicon Valley, Search Party has the flavour of The Hangover (courtesy of writer Scot Armstrong) with a stronger female presence. "
Jim Kellar, THE HERALD
"Comedian Miller is the standout, with his oblivious, madcap performance perfectly fitting the tone of the film."
James Luxford, RADIO TIMES


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